Thapsa beach

Distance: 83 km

Time: 2 hours

The Thapsa beach is located in central Euboea and is one of the most famous beaches of Euboea, with crystal green waters. At weekends it has a lot of people. On one side of the beach there is a canteen with coffee, food and canoe. Most of the people stay there. If you want more privacy you must go to the other side. Don’t miss to rent a canoe and go further. You will find a small beach reached only by sea and big sea caves.

We suggest you go by an “off road car” because it has 10 km of dirt road.

Important note: There are 2 routes to reach the beach. Be careful to choose the one shown in the photo with the pin and not the one with the “Χ“. This way is much more difficult.

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